Software Engineer

Job Responsibilities : Staff Software Engineer (remote optional)

Salary : 14 per hour

Company : Spare Labs

Location : Remote

Do you have experience:

  • As a senior software engineer (4+ years preferred);
  • With mobile development;
  • With a stack similar to ours, leaning towards frontend (we work with Node.js, TypeScript, React, React Native, SQL databases, Docker, Kubernetes and more);
  • Scaling frontend;
  • Working in a company that is tech focused (better yet if you got to grow in a company like that);

Then come join Spare where you will:

  • Be one of the most technically strong members of the team, which means that you will be contributing to their on-going technical growth and development;
  • Work with our Leadership Team and Engineering Team to scale our infrastructure so that we are able to support larger customers, especially when it comes to frontend and mobile development;
  • Write high-quality code. Design, code, test, document, and release new features using a combination of tools and languages;
  • Demonstrate an unrelenting focus on quality, speed, and overall excellence;
  • Provide input for the ongoing improvement of engineering practices and procedures;

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