Security Guard Jobs in Canada for Indian Online Apply Near Me 2022

Job Responsibilities : Security Engineer, Level 2

Salary : $80,000 a year

Company : Maverin Inc.

Location : Ottawa, ON

Role & Responsibilities

· Develop security practices into the design of new applications that meet Treasury Board and

· Department of Defence application security guard rails and identify where policy is incompatible

· Prepare Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) Security Categorization Assessment

· Report (SCAR) and Concept of Operations (CONOps) documents for assessment denoting risks

· Develop clear strategies for sourcing processing and managing data sets;

· Recommend security features or assist in generating and adopting new security practices along

· Monitor news events literature and industries of interest to identify and provide

· Conduct validation and analysis phases of software development;

· Provide clear meaningful advice to all members of the Innovation Branch within their associated

· Provide recommendations technical advice or familiarity training for new members of the

· Innovation Branch who will be managing various projects and efforts;

· Strive for an appropriate balance between secure software development deployment

· Productivity for the organization. Evaluate mitigate and monitor points of risk in support of moving

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