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Job Responsibilities : Physician Assistant

Salary : $40,000 – $74,459 a year

Company : Valor Health Medical

Location : Remote

Seeking physician assistant for Medical Facility and Walk-in Clinic

Valor Health is seeking physicians to provide family practice and walk-in clinic services to add to our repertoire of specialty services.

We have several unique opportunities that would appeal to Nurse Practitioners. Our goal is to create a multidisciplinary practice to deliver exceptional and personalized medical care.

Our main location is in the rapidly growing area of Windsor. This is a vibrant community comprised of a pediatric, geriatrics and active families invested in health and well-being. Gerontology, pediatrics, endocrinology and cardiology are most common amongst concomitant medical conditions.

This is an attractive opportunity due the degree of personalization available, the demographics of the area, and the prospect of joining us in commencing this endeavor. Thank you for your consideration. Please direct inquiries to Johnny.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. (Johnny) Hani Ramadan, PharmD

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