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Job Responsibilities : Professional House Cleaner

Salary : $22.05 – $28.00 an hour

Company : Motivated Brands Inc.

Location : Remote

Is House Cleaning Right For You?:
Professional House Cleaning can be a very rewarding and well paying career. Make no mistake though, it is hard work and there is a lot more to it than the physical act of cleaning a house. To be successful at it you need a high level of dependability, accountability and conscientiousness.

As you know, as important as earning a good living is, there are other things that matter too and professional house cleaning is renown for bringing a sense of personal satisfaction to Professional House Cleaners. We made a post in a large Professional House Cleaning Facebook group asking members what they loved about their house cleaning career. The post blew up quickly with a multitude of answers. Below are just a few:

  • I LOVE the income
  • I love knowing I am able to help someone
  • It helps my anxiety disorder and calms me
  • It’s like therapy and I love making people’s homes cozy and clean and of course making them happy and less stressed

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