Data Entry (CEIT)

Data Entry Jobs – Assistant Data Entry Jobs vacancy for Freshers 2021

Job Responsibilities : Student Assistant, Data Entry (CEIT)

Salary : $15.50 an hour

Company : Douglas College

Location : RemoteCA

The Role
The student assistant will be responsible for converting quiz questions to a standard format that can be uploaded to Blackboard by an instructor.
  • Participate in online training
  • Use Excel software to create a formatted template
  • Type questions provided by an instructor in the template to create quizzes that will be uploaded to Blackboard
  • Problem-solve technical issues
  • Communicate regularly with supervisor and instructors
To Be Successful in this Role You Will Need
  • Basic computer skills
  • Knowledge of Word and Excel software
  • Previous experience with data entry is an asset
  • The ability to ensure confidential information is maintained
  • To be adept at problem-solving
  • To be detail oriented, highly organized, accurate and thorough
  • To work from home
  • To proactively communicate effectively with supervisor and instructors

Domestic students must meet ONE of the following criteria, to be eligible to work as a Student Assistant/Student Research Assistant:

1. The domestic student must be enrolled in, and maintain, a minimum of one or more (3 credit) courses at Douglas College throughout the work term; OR
2. The domestic student must have been enrolled in, and maintained, a minimum of one or more (3 credit) courses at Douglas College in the term immediately preceding the work term and has indicated an intention to enroll at the college in the term immediately following the work term; OR
3. The domestic student must be enrolled in, and maintain a minimum of two or more (3 credit) courses at another accredited public post-secondary institution in B.C. throughout the work term

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