CSIS Jobs – Investigative Manager Vacancy for Freshers 2021

Job Responsibilities : Investigative Manager

Salary : $90,348 – $135,178 a year

Company : Ministry of the Attorney General

Location : Mississauga, ON CA


  • Provide professional and administrative management of day to day laboratory operations, including planning and developing unit initiatives to achieve program operational and strategic priorities and commitments
  • Plan and coordinate research and development of analytical systems from original concept through final delivery
  • Provide objective, independent expertise by participating as an advisor in the field of program examination during the investigative stage of police and other official investigations
  • Assist in directing the course of the investigation by providing expert opinion or investigative test results which may alter or re-focus the direction of an investigation
  • Provide testimony in courts on matter relating to the examinations performed

The Ontario Public Service (OPS) Leadership Behaviours

  • You are committed to the responsibilities of being a leader by demonstrating authenticity, accountability and courage.
  • You are innovative by embracing positive disruption, maintaining a future mindset and leading with a common purpose.
  • You are collaborative by driving people-centered outcomes, being inclusive and helping staff and colleagues grow, every day.

Communication and Consultation Skills:

  • You have demonstrated oral communication skills to provide testimony in courts of law
  • You can ensure effective and timely briefing on emerging issues relating to ongoing investigations, prepare briefing materials, issues papers and reports
  • You are able to liaise with the public and media regarding the results of investigations, ensure decisions are accurately conveyed to the media, community groups and police groups
  • You have demonstrated written communication skills to develop public reports of investigations, including recommendations for improved police conduct/actions
  • You have presentation skills to deliver lectures and seminars
  • Your consultation skills enable you to provide expertise, directions, information and resolve problems of mutual concern

Research, Analytical and Problem Solving Skills:

  • You have knowledge of advanced research methodology to design, construct, operate, evaluate and modify laboratory analytical systems to carry our research and investigations
  • You can lead and manage the development of strategies, programs and processes for the investigation and resolution of complaints against police across Ontario
  • Your analytical thinking skills enable you to develop and define unit programs, services and research and identify priorities to ensure an effective balance between casework, court appearances, professional development, lecturing, teaching and training
  • You are able to interpret and draw conclusions and opinions within case and investigative discussions and in courts of law
  • You can evaluate case and research reports, conclusions and opinions of staff who appear as witnesses


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